Hotels and Resorts: We have spent the bulk of our time and effort over the last decade serving the professional hospitality industry. This industry accounts for the bulk of our sales and much of the products we carry are geared toward the hospitality industry.


From Luxury Boutique Hotels, to large, High-Volume Resort Operations, we’ve worked hard to make sure you’re covered for all your textile needs. 


While the hospitality industry has been our primary market for sales, we also have a great depth of experience working within the following industries:


AirBnb / Vacation Rental Market: With years of professional knowledge in the high-turnover (and oftentimes high-stress) hospitality industry, we have been able to use our experience to help AirBnb and Vacation Rental property owners efficiently set up their properties for success–with a turn key textile setup to complement their unique guest experience.


We know that managing any rental property involves a ton of work, and we see our main role as helping you offer your guests the kind of experience they’ll come back for.

Health & Fitness: From Yoga Studios and boutique gyms, to large-scale fitness facilities that offer a towel service, we carry products specific to any operational need and nearly any budget.


All of our towels are 100% Cotton and are designed to take on the toughest industrial washing.


Salons & Spas: Towels Direct originally started out with the professional salon industry in mind with our Bleach Resistant Salon Towels. We will never forget where we started, and how much we’ve learned from working in this dynamic industry.


We continue to serve the high-end professional salon and spa industry with everything your salon and/or spa could need. 


Corporate: Our promotional division serves a diverse corporate clientele ranging from professional sports team rally towels, music festivals, real estate developers, to corporate branded textiles and gear with custom embroidery and silk screening.


If you have something specific in mind, we’re here to help you find your perfect product.

Government, Military, & Heavy Industry: From working with large scale mining and gas operations, to competing in government bids for State/Provincial, and Federal projects, we carry the right products for any job, and have extensive industry knowledge.

In working with us, you can be sure that whether you’re looking out for your shareholders in private industry, or the taxpaying citizen – that you’re getting the best products and service on their behalf.